Analysts: Mitchell’s visit, boost for demarcation, dialogue, and army

The visit of the US Assistant Secretary of State, Wess Mitchell, to Kosovo is seen by political analysts as being a boost for processes like border demarcation with Montenegro, dialogue for normalization of relations with Serbia, and creation of a Kosovo army.  

Journalist Adriatik Kelmendi said the visit is a reconfirmation of the interest of Trump administration towards the Balkans. 

“We know what the position of the US administration is that Kosovo is independent and sovereign and this was made clear continuously by the Government in Belgrade,” Kelmendi said. 

International law professor, Afrim Hoti, said Mitchell’s visit is particularly important in light of, as he said, important developments in the coming months. 

“As in the past crucial role it played, [Mitchell’s] visit now is support for the conclusion of dialogue,” Hoti said. 

Meanwhile, analyst Haki Abazi said the US has no new plan on Kosovo and that Mitchell’s visit to the Balkans is also related to the growing tensions in the region and Russia’s attempts to extend its influence.