Kosovo authorities believe the country will join INTERPOL this year

Authorities in Prishtina believe that this year Kosovo will become a member of the international police organization INTERPOL. 

Kosovo’s Deputy Interior Minister, Izmi Zeka, told the news agency that Kosovo’s institutions are doing everything in their power to make sure that Kosovo gets admitted this year. 

“We have lobbied extensively. We are confident that Kosovo’s institutions will join the most important security institution in Europe, INTERPOL. We have no dilemmas that this issue will conclude this year,” Zeka said. 

“We had a good chance last year too, but seeing that a number of countries have shifted in their positions, we postponed it for one year and we believe that this issue will conclude this year”. 

Officials at Kosovo’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the INTERPOL Executive Council in Lyon, France, has already included Kosovo on this year’s agenda for membership. 

Zeka said until the voting day, Kosovo’s institutions and their allies will lobby to secure a sufficient number of votes for membership. 

“We have talked with the key actors, they are willing to help Kosovo. We are hand-in-hand with international mechanisms and with the leading countries, the U.S., France, United Kingdom and other influential countries, and we have not stopped our lobbying”. 

Zeka also argued that Serbia, which has tried to block Kosovo’s membership of different international organizations, no longer has a big influence on the matter because many countries have already sided with Kosovo in the process.