Kosovo government removes customs tax

The Kosovo government has retracted a decision to introduce a 30 percent customs tax on the import of fruits, vegetables, and flour. 

Deputy Minister for Trade and Industry, Fadil Arifi, confirmed the news but said that the measures would remain in effect for seven products. 

“The measures will continue to apply for tomatoes, peppers, apples, pears, plums, berries, and grape. The decision was made yesterday (Tuesday). The Ministry asked the government to amend the decision. We have removed measures on other products. The measures that will remain in place are provisional. The measures were then approved by the government,” he said.

Arifi said the decision was changed after “various pressure”. Rasim Lajic, Minister for Trade in the Serbian Government, confirmed that Pristina has retracted the 30 percent customs tax measure. 

“We welcome the decision and we expect the other measures to be lifted as soon as possible,” Lajic said.