Haradinaj: Only war can shift borders

Prime Minister of Kosovo, Ramush Haradinaj, said after a meeting of the government yesterday that Kosovo borders can be changed only through war. 

“Borders were established through war and only a war can move them,” he stated. “Don’t forget one thing, only Vladimir Putin is interested in moving the borders, no one else,” Haradinaj added. 

Commenting on the statements that Presheva Valley should join Kosovo, Haradinaj said they are part of the ‘counter-rhetoric’ to Belgrade’s claims. 

“Belgrade’s rhetoric that ‘Kosovo is Serbia’ and ‘Kosovo is the heart of Serbia’ is countered by some in Kosovo saying ‘Presheva is Kosovo’ and ‘Presheva is the heart of Kosovo’ but the end remains where it is,” Haradinaj said.  

He also thanked KFOR for its work in Kosovo and said that what happened in the Ujman Lake over the weekend was part of KFOR drill. “No one should be concerned,” he said.