Kamberi: Presheva Valley to be treated as whole

Mayor of Bujanoc, Shaip Kamberi, said the Presheva Valley should be treated as one and inseparable unity. 

His reaction comes after the publication of a report by the Open Society Foundation in Belgrade, which proposes for Kosovo to take only Presheva, while Serbia, the three northern municipalities.

The report drafted by six Serb experts and supported by Open Society Foundation in Belgrade does not foresee Medvegje and Bujanoc as part of the exchange of territories between Kosovo and Serbia. 

“It is a document with which Serbia in an informal manner measures the pulse of the opinion, but it is an option that should be rejected in its start,” Kamberi said.

“Presheva Valley should be treated as one. In all the statements of the party leaders, or representatives of the institutions we have this position, and of course, any other option would bring catastrophe,” Kamberi said. 

Bujanoc mayor believes on the statements of the Kosovo President Hashim Thaci that Presheva Valley would be treated as one and inseparable.

He, however, added that Presheva Valley does not interfere in the options offered by Kosovo, as it is Kosovo institutions that bring decisions.  

“We do not offer options, give this, take the Valley, but we request for the issue of the Presheva Valley to be opened in a way at the Brussels dialogue. Exchange option is one of the ways this issue could be opened,” Kamberi said.