Delegation from Kosovo meets leaders in Tirana

A delegation from Kosovo consisting of Assembly Speaker Kadri Veseli and Deputy Prime Ministers Fatmir Limaj and Dardan Gashi are in Tirana today, where they are meeting Albanian leaders.  

Former Prime Minister Sali Berisha said after meeting Kosovo officials that agreement between Kosovo and Serbia should ensure peace in the region. 

He also said no one has the right to discuss territories and that Kosovo’s sovereignty and territorial integrity cannot become a topic of discussion. 

He instead called on political parties in Kosovo to come together and draft a platform for dialogue with Serbia.

Kosovo delegation also met Albanian Assembly Speaker, Gramoz Ruci, who said they discussed dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and that Albania would continue to provide unreserved support for the process. 

“Dialogue is a mechanism for ensuring solution and to guarantee mutual Kosovo-Serbia recognition. We expect this solution to be lasting and in the interest of Kosovo and the whole region,” Ruci said. He also underlined the importance of political forces in Kosovo being united when it comes to Kosovo’s sovereignty.

Veseli on his part said Kosovo has a Constitution and it participates in the dialogue with Serbia to gain a UN seat and not to undermine its territorial integrity or to set up an association with executive powers. 

“We are heading decidedly towards the final stage of dialogue. Our journey is westbound,” he said. 

Veseli added that the visit nor the statements of the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic cannot harm Kosovo’s sovereignty but what could is lack of unity and that Kosovo needs to “get together for the grand finale”.