Thaci: The agreement will be debatable in Kosovo and Serbia

The President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci said at a press conference in Skopje after meeting with the Prime Minister of Macedonia Zoran Zaev, that Kosovo is united when the dialogue with Serbia is concerned. 

“Everybody knows that without dialogue and without negotiations with Serbia, we cannot reach a peaceful agreement. Today, the EU is modernizing but it has also opened doors for us. But EU does not accept countries with open problems,” Thaci said.

“We have already started discussing and negotiations will intensify in the future. An agreement can be delayed, but it will have a high cost. The agreement will be a debatable compromise in Kosovo and Serbia,” he added.

Thaci further spoke about the demarcation of the border between Kosovo and Serbia. 

“We should be realistic, the process of the demarcation of the border between Kosovo and Serbia, which is around 430 kilometers, should conclude. The agreement will be of a European spirit and in complete coordination with the U.S. and the European Union. We will have a complex process, with debates and not easy rejections,” Thaci said.

He further spoke about the resolution proposed by the representatives of Presheva Valley. 

“I personally support it strongly; political parties are at the Parliament and it remains for them to be announced. However, I will respect the decision of the Assembly of Kosovo. In case of reaching some legally binding agreement, the process will go through a referendum and then to the parliament. So, Kosovo citizens will decide, and this cannot be impeded by any group or individual,” Thaci concluded.