Veseli and Meta call for political unity in the dialogue with Serbia

Kosovo Assembly President Kadri Veseli met in Tirana with the President of Albania Ilir Meta.

He informed Meta about the political developments in Kosovo and about the final phase of the dialogue with Serbia. 

He said Kosovo aims recognition of independence by Serbia and opening way for Kosovo’s membership at UN, NATO, EU as well as other international organizations. 

He said Kosovo institutions should be unified during this process and that there should be a wider consensus of the parliamentary political forces. He added that Kosovo’s integrity and sovereignty are inviolable and non-negotiable.

President Ilir Meta said Albania is following closely this process and it will be ready to help Kosovo during all the phases. 

He said Kosovo should reach a wide political consensus during this process and added that opposition political parties should take over responsibilities that belong to them in order to build a state platform and the team for the dialogue.