LDK: Dialogue with Serbia not urgent

The Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) leader Isa Mustafa said dialogue with Serbia is not an urgent matter and that it requires consensus. 

He said the dialogue issue has overshadowed real problems the people of Kosovo are facing. 

Mustafa said dialogue would have to be tackled by ‘legitimate’ institutions that would derive from free elections and while the party supports dialogue as a way to resolve disputes it insists the issue of border changes not be part of discussions. 

“Serbia should first recognize us under the current borders and then we can talk about borders if we think it in our interest,” he said.  LDK also said it considers that now is not the right time for street protests despite the ‘poor performance’ of the Ramush Haradinaj-led government. 

“The moment we believe there needs to be a protest, we will either organize one or join one,” said LDK leader Isa Mustafa after a meeting of the party’s leadership.