Konjufca criticizes Haradinaj’s government

Vetevendosje Movement caucus Glauk Konjufca has criticized Haradinaj’s governing saying that there is too much ambition, envy, greediness, narrow interests, extortion and mistakes, and very little state interests and defense of human rights.

He said he does not know a single person in Kosovo who hopes that things will improve as there are too much extortion and abuse.

“Those who are making decisions have not found the key to economic development, justice and judiciary are mercilessly strangled by the iron fist of the regime and they are being squeezed to the last drop. And do you know who is doing this? Those who brag and mention Adem Jashari every day, the very same ones have brought us to this situation,” he said.

Konjufca also spoke about the dialogue with Serbia. 

“We have seen the continuous effort of the executive to widen Hashim Thaci’s negotiating team, a team where Thaci would be himself both the prosecutor and the judge,” Konjufca said. 

He also said that this situation cannot be overcome except if ‘the sovereign is allowed to choose.”