Kosovo army “unavoidable”, partnership with NATO will continue

In an interview with Deutsche Welle while on a visit to Germany, Kosovo Assembly Speaker Kadri Veseli said he received assurances in the meetings he had that Germany would not oppose visa liberalization decision for Kosovo. 

"It is true we are facing some challenges with certain European Union countries but we hope that with the support of Germany and other countries like France, our people will be able to travel, after ten years, like the other citizens from the Western Balkans,” Veseli said adding that concerns about possible immigration upon visa liberalization for Kosovo are ungrounded. 

Asked about President Hashim Thaci’s idea for border changes between Kosovo and Serbia, Veseli said this did not come from Thaci and was, in fact, an old idea that originated from Serbia and Russia. 

“We are dealing with a game that Serbia is trying to play through borders but Kosovo should not agree to set up a precedent for any other conflict.”

Veseli also spoke about the need for Kosovo to have a common platform for dialogue with Serbia underlining that such a document would rule out territorial changes and reconfirm Kosovo’s institutional sovereignty. Veseli said the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) into an army is “unavoidable” and that partnership with NATO will continue.