Haradinaj: The idea of border correction is dead

Kosovo Prime Minister, Ramush Haradinaj, said today that the draft laws for the transformation of the Kosovo Security Force into the Kosovo Army will pass the second reading too, and added that anyone creating or inciting instability will get the “bill”. 

“NATO is a serious decision-making factor. We are in constant communication with them. We are also cooperating with other important NATO member states. The process of mandating the army is very important. The only difference is changing the name. You should have no dilemmas. We are confident about this. 17 security institutions of Kosovo were part of a KFOR ceremony yesterday. We are part of NATO. The draft laws will pass the second reading too. We will have our army,” Haradinaj said. 

Commenting on Assembly President Kadri Veseli’s statement on border correction, Haradinaj said: “I was impressed yesterday to hear Veseli that the exchange of territories is an idea coming from Serbia and Russia. The idea for exchanging territories is concerning and I am against it”. Haradinaj also added, “the idea of [border] correction is dead. You heard what the ambassador said. I don’t think that violence or incidents will be rewarded. Anyone that does that will get the bill. Only those that support stability in the country will be the winners. If someone incites any incident they will certainly get the ‘bill’.”