Kosovo imposes protective measures to products from Serbia and Bosnia

The Kosovo Government has decided to impose protective measures in a way of a 10 percent tax on imported products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

The measure will affect products coming from these two countries with the exception of products of international brands. 

Minister of Trade and Industry, Endrit Shala, who suggested the increase, said this is international practice. 

He said the tax will apply to milk and dairy products, water, biscuits, juices, and construction material. 

“Serbia is spending a great deal of money to damage the state of Kosovo and a vast part of this comes from the trade with our country. This is the best response to Serbia’s destructive behavior,” Shala said. 

“We will not back down until Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina treats Kosovo like every other country. These measures do not constitute a violation of CEFTA,” Shala is quoted as saying.