Minister: Import tax on Serbia and Bosnia has no end-date

Kosovo’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Endrit Shala, told Radio Free Europe that the recently imposed ten percent tax on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina was taken in response to Serbia violating regional agreements. 

Shala said the majority of products imported from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina were sold in Kosovo at a price below that in their own markets and causing dumping. 

“As stipulated by the free trade agreement, CEFTA, the Ministry of Trade and Industry has several times tried to contact relevant departments in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina and we never received any response,” Shala said. 

He added that Serbia meanwhile does not even allow Kosovo transporters to travel in transit through Serbia. 

Adriatik Stavileci, a spokesperson for Kosovo Customs, said they have not observed any change so far in the importing of goods from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

“We have not noticed any change in imports, be it decrease or increase. However, up to ten days are required to see the effects of the measure,” Stavileci said.