Thaci meets and decorates Bush, unveils his advice

During his stay in the States, Kosovo President Hashim Thaci has continued meetings with representatives of various US institutions and personalities.

Namely, in a Facebook post today, Thaci said he was in Dallas where he met "a great friend of Kosovo's freedom and independence, former U.S. President George Bush."

"At this warm and friendly meeting, we discussed the political developments in Kosovo and the region. Kosovo Albanians' high respect towards the wonderful Bush family will be eternal," said Thaci. 

Furthermore, Thaci noted that during the meeting with the former President Bush, they evoked many memories from not the too distant past, "but our focus was on our country's present efforts to secure a safe future and peace," he added.

"In the context of these efforts, we agreed that it is necessary to reach a final binding agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, which would mark the closure of one-century old conflict, mutual recognition and Kosovo's membership in the UN, NATO, and the EU," Thaci said. 

According to him, the achievement of this agreement is not easy. But Thaci said President Bush gave him "a precious advice".

"You as leaders will not be remembered for your populist decisions, but for the tough and right decisions you made for your country and people," Thaci quoted Bush as saying. 

"Expressing the highest gratitude on behalf of the citizens of Kosovo, today I had the privilege of decorating President Bush with the Order of Independence for his contribution to the freedom and independence of Kosovo," concluded President Thaçi.