Kosovo businesses insist on CEFTA being renegotiated

Kosovo business community has called on the Central European Free Trade Agreement (CEFTA) be renegotiated and Kosovo’s legal position within the agreement be redefined, the paper reports. 

Kosovo businesses say Kosovo needs to be represented not through UNMIK but on its own right and furthermore, the entire free trade agreement continues to be unfavorable for Kosovo producers. 

Skender Krasniqi, an official from the Kosovo Business Chamber said they believe Kosovo should pull out of CEFTA completely if it continues to be represented by UNMIK noting that Kosovo’s current position in the agreement is unconstitutional. 

At the same time, Berat Rukiqi, head of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce said Kosovo needs to be ‘repositioned’. 

“It is now too late to pull out of CEFTA as it is part of the Stabilisation and Association Agreement,” Rukiqi said and said Kosovo should instead insist on a political decision which would enable it to be recognized by Serbia as a full-fledged member of CEFTA.