Kosovo not under the pressure of time, but under the pressure of deal

Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister and co-head of the state delegation for talks with Serbia, Fatmir Limaj, said today that the Kosovo government is making serious efforts to unite political forces and to build broad-based consensus on dialogue with Belgrade. 

Limaj said Kosovo is not under the pressure of time but rather under the pressure of reaching a good agreement. 

“This agreement will ensure peace and security. Peace in the region is the responsibility of us all. From our political experience, we know that every process of dialogue has a title. The Rambouillet Conference had a title. Brussels had the title ‘dialogue for normalization of relations’. The title now should be Kosovo’s recognition. Our objective is recognition, nothing else,” Limaj said during a conference in Prishtina today on ‘The Grand Finale’ between Kosovo and Serbia. 

He added that if Serbia is not ready to enter dialogue for recognition, Kosovo can wait and that there cannot be normalization of relations without mutual recognition. 

“Political parties in Kosovo must set aside their party interests and join forces. The state delegation has drafted a document that has been supported by the heads of institutions. Now the matter is in the hands of the Assembly and they need to decide so that we can speak in unison. We are ready for dialogue. Kosovo can only lose by avoiding the table of talks … Kosovo will under no circumstance agree to negotiations on its sovereignty. Whoever expects this from us is badly mistaken,” Limaj added.