Special Court announces new invitations for interviews

Invitations from the Hague’s Specialized Prosecution continue to arrive in Kosovo, and they are not being made by phone calls anymore, but in a written form, reports lajmi.net.

According to accredited lawyers, a major number of witnesses has been interviewed so far, and the major number of witnesses comes from Serbia. Many of them did not make their invitations public. The lawyers said their interviews started since 2014.

In a response to this portal, Special Chambers Spokesperson Christopher Bennet said the investigation on the Dick Marty’s report is still ongoing. 

“Specialist Prosecution Office is continuing with its investigations related to the accusations deriving from Parliamentary Assembly Report of the European Council on “Inhuman treating of people and illegal trafficking of human organs in Kosovo,” was said in Bennet’s reply.

According to him, the Specialist Prosecution has the authority to bring decisions for the start and conclusion of its mandate.

“Among other things, the Prosecution has the authority to request presence and interrogation of the suspects, victims, and witnesses, to gather and analyze information and evidence and to make decisions on starting, continuance and conclusion of criminal procedures. It seeks to keep individuals responsible for crimes that its mandate covers,” Bennet noted further.