Veseli initiates setting up of intl tribunal on Serbia’s crimes

Kosovo Assembly Speaker Kadri Veseli has initiated on Monday formally the procedures for initiation of an international tribunal for Serbia’s crimes committed in Kosovo during the conflict.

Speaking in front of the representatives of the associations of missing persons, war associations, justice institutions, and other independent institutions, Veseli said Serbian criminals have not been tried yet for thousands of crimes and victims in Kosovo. According to him, this tribunal will be separate from the Special Court.

“We are speaking about an international court for crimes of the Serbian state, unbiased, necessary. An international court which would try and punish Serbia’s crimes committed in Kosovo. These crimes reach dimensions of genocide. There are hundreds of massacres committed by the Serbian army. Dozens of thousands of murdered civilians, among them children and women. There are thousands of raped women and one million Albanians expelled from Kosovo, in persecution, similar to the Jewish Holocaust,” Veseli said.