Veseli: Serb perpetrators cannot evade justice

Kosovo Assembly Speaker Kadri Veseli said that Kosovo should respond to the international silence and Serbian denial of war crimes as a state, by collecting all facts of crimes committed by Serbian forces in Kosovo thus paving way for the creation of an international tribunal to try these crimes.

In a ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of the killing of Albanian civilians in several villages in Peja, Veseli said that the 13,500 victims of Serb crimes demand justice.

“We are demanding this today. Kosovo has a right to seek justice for its people and justice has to be delivered. Perpetrators who committed these crimes need to receive the deserved punishment,” Veseli said.

“We have undertaken an initiative and all institutions of the Republic of Kosovo are together. We will be together on Thursday to begin the journey to seek justice for all our people that have been killed and massacred,” he added.