Thaci: No Serb convicted for 400 massacres in Kosovo

President of Kosovo Hashim Thaci said yesterday that no Serb was convicted in connection to 400 massacres committed in Kosovo and that this failure to deliver justice is an insult to the dignity of the victims and the people of Kosovo.

“As we mark in the coming weeks the twentieth anniversary of victory, it remains a huge concern for us as institutions of Kosovo, as a society of Kosovo, but above all for the conscience of the international community that to this day, 20 years on, no person from the state of Serbia was convicted for 400 massacres committed by the state of Serbia,” Thaci said at a ceremony commemorating the 20th anniversary of massacres in the villages of Qyshk, Pavlan, Zahaq and Llabjan of Peja.

Thaci commended the initiative for the establishment of an international tribunal to prosecute Serbia’s crimes in Kosovo.