U.S. Embassy concerned with appointments of ‘unqualified’ individuals

The U.S. Embassy in Prishtina has issued a statement expressing concern over what it said were appointments of ‘unqualified’ individuals to senior positions in the government of Kosovo.

“In a democracy, individuals appointed to high-level positions should project an ethical and qualified face to the world; Kosovo’s pattern of appointments, unfortunately, presents the opposite.  Unqualified individuals, those whom the judiciary has punished or is actively pursuing serious crimes, as well as those who have demonstrated willingness to act with impunity and abuse their authority, have no place in public office,” the statement reads.

The U.S. Embassy added that such appointments undermine the public trust, deprives Kosovo of skilled individuals, and dishonors the victims of these individuals’ past offenses. It also impedes Kosovo’s progress toward building its international.

“We urge Kosovo’s citizens as well as its leaders to reflect on what face they wish Kosovo to show to the world.  We call on Kosovo’s leaders to take this issue seriously and stop and reverse this trend in appointments of individuals, some of whom the Embassy has already named, whose selection appears to advance short-term political goals rather than the legitimate needs of the citizens of Kosovo or the credibility of the state,” the statement concludes.