Families of missing persons and victims, inspiration for the tribunal

Kosovo Assembly President, Kadri Veseli, visited today the association “Voice of Parents” in Mitrovica and met with representatives of missing persons’ associations.

Veseli said in the meeting that the families of victims and missing persons and their continuous call for justice served as an inspiration for the initiative to establish a tribunal on Serbia’s crimes in Kosovo.

“We have always tried to get information on missing persons, but we never got any answers. Until 2017, Kosovo was not entitled to address the issue of war crimes. In 2017, for the first time, we signed an agreement with EULEX and competencies were transferred to local institutions,” Veseli said.

“A people that forget, history repeats itself for them. This concerns our truth. I wrote letters to all the parliaments of the world. We need to thank the U.S. Congress for being the first to make this step. For the first time, in the U.S. Congress, the Foreign Affairs Committee, there was a public hearing on the rapes, killings and disappearing in Kosovo. We will follow this approach with the parliaments of other countries … The objective of the initiative for an international tribunal for Serbia is to bring perpetrators to justice. On Thursday, we will decide to form the state committee. I have met legal experts, men, and women, who are confident that this initiative can be successful. You must have faith in this process, and we will see it through”.