Limaj: No agreement with Serbia without full coordination with U.S.

Kosovo’s Deputy Prime Minister and co-head of the Kosovo negotiating team for dialogue with Serbia, Fatmir Limaj, said that the Berlin summit was a good opportunity for Kosovo to express its position on dialogue that would have to lead to a comprehensive agreement with Serbia and mutual recognition.

“If [President of Serbia] Vucic says he will never recognize Kosovo, there is nothing to negotiate about. Negotiations continue only if there is recognition,” Limaj said in an interview with Klan Kosova.

Limaj said that the agenda of the upcoming meeting in Paris is not yet clear but added that there can be no agreement with Serbia without coordination with the U.S. “We do not rule out the EU but we want close coordination amongst our allies,” he said.

He said Serbia used the dialogue to its benefit by ‘rehabilitating’ itself internationally and “even moving into a diplomatic offensive” against Kosovo.

“We have come at a stage when the convicts are glorified, they lead parades, state structures,” he said.

At the same time, meeting associations of missing persons in Prishtina yesterday, Limaj said that there can be no agreement with Serbia without the fate of missing persons being resolved first.