O’Connell: Domestic violence, a problem for Kosovo society

The British Ambassador to Kosovo, Ruairi O`Connell, said today on the occasion of the International Day for the elimination of sexual violence in conflict, that societies cannot advance if all parts of society do not act together and if one part of society is marginalized.

“Conflicts cannot be resolved if one part of the society remains marginalized and their voice is not heard. The British Government is committed, and it raises its voice against sexual violence in conflict and this was seen in 2014 when the initiative was launched for the global summit to end sexual violence in conflict. For five years, we have been engaged in supporting victims in general and victims of sexual violence in conflict in particular,” he said.

O’Connell said there is domestic sexual violence in Kosovo but that cases are not reported because victims of violence know that if the victims of sexual violence in conflict are marginalized then how will their own cases be resolved.

“This is a big problem for society. This crime, sexual violence in conflict was a strategy to traumatize the population and served the strategy for ethnic cleansing. Unfortunately, there was silence over this in Kosovo and the silence damages the victims and the quest for violence. It is our fault that we did not talk about this violence for a long time.”