Veseli sacks PDK officials with active indictments

Leader of the Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK), Kadri Veseli, has relieved from duty party officials who have active indictments.

Besim Beqaj, Agim Ceku, Zenun Pajaziti, Qemajl Mustafa, Sami Lushtaku, and Nijazi Kryeziu are among those affected after PDK leader Veseli announced that all party officials that have active indictments will be dismissed from all party and institutional posts.


“Early this week I vowed to fight corruption, nepotism, and appalling phenomena of abuse. This is what the citizens expect from us because they are fed up with words and want to see concrete actions,” Veseli said in a press conference yesterday.

“This decision does not preempt their guilt and upon conclusion of trials, in cases of acquittals, all these persons will have a deserved place in PDK and institutions,” he added.

Agim Ceku, Deputy Minister of the Kosovo Security Force (KSF), said he was informed he would no longer exercise the post while Besim Beqaj, Minister of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, was unavailable for comment.

However, in light of recent developments, Beqaj has announced he will hold a press conference today where he is expected to present his resignation.