Kosovo and Serbia to face off over Interpol membership bid

Radio Free Europe quotes officials and analysts saying that Interpol membership will be a difficult challenge for Kosovo and its institutions.

Kosovo’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Anton Berisha, said Interpol membership is not only political in nature but also highly technical as it is linked to a certain set of standards required by the EU with regards to fighting corruption, organized crime, and terrorism.

“Of course it will be challenging if Serbia continues at the same pace as last time. European Union and relevant structures would have to put the necessary pressure on Serbia not to cause obstacles like last time. At the same time, we are continuing with standard technical procedures, because this is a technical issue in essence,” Berisha said.

Afrim Hoti, an international law professor with the University of Prishtina, said that Kosovo is likely to face an even more complicated situation regarding its membership bid this year. “I think we were extremely wrong not to raise the issue of April 2013 Agreement which, among other things, stipulates that parties will remove all obstacles to one another over membership in international organizations,” said Hoti.