Haradinaj: Government aware of destabilisation plans in the north

Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj said Kosovo security mechanisms have information about plans for destabilization being prepared by certain people in the north, under Belgrade’s coordination.

“Attempts by different Serb actors, officials and business people in the North of Mitrovica in coordination with authorities in Belgrade to present a humanitarian catastrophe in this part of Kosovo are unacceptable and deploring. Emptying of shops where not even basic items originating from Serbia are found is a plan prepared by certain people in the north for which the Government of Kosovo is informed. Based on this information, this plan is prepared by Rados Petrovic, Goran Vlaskovic, Bojan Jaksic – Cojo, Slavisa Stanic, Radule Stevic. According to Kosovo security mechanisms, the plan is being supported logistically and otherwise by the ‘Civilna Zastita’ in the north, led by Stevo Pavicevic. We will not remain idle in face of these attempts for destabilization and we call on the mayors in the north and the citizens not to fall prey to these provocations,” Haradinaj wrote on social media.