Economic reforms crucial for Kosovo

Bedri Hamza, Kosovo’s national coordinator for the economic reform program said economic reforms requested by the European Union should commence.

“The main challenge is for the economic reforms not to affect the market economy of Kosovo in the long term,” he said mentioning also activation and employment of youth among the main challenges.

Nataliya Apostolova, head of the EU Office to Kosovo, said economic reforms are crucial in the dialogue with Kosovo.

“Implementation of requested reforms by the EU is not only a technical matter but also political actions. These reforms enable also the creation of employment. So far, activities on creation of labor market are low, and there is even an insufficient number of the employed women,” Apostolova said.

Behxhet Haliti from the department for macro-economic policies said that the informal economy, which was also pointed out by the European Commission, remains a great challenge.

Pal Lekaj, Minister for Infrastructure, said employment through family economies should be a priority.