The smuggling in the north continues, RTK brings smugglers` names

The smuggling of goods in northern Kosovo continues, while Radio Kosova and Radio Television of Kosovo, bring the names of the smugglers.

The smuggling of goods that are brought from Serbia to Kosovo illegally has not stopped, no matter the Kosovo Police action that was undertaken in May. Radio Kosova has managed to find the names of the main smugglers in this part of the country. 

One of them, speaking exclusively to Radio Kosova, tells on how and with what intensity happens the smuggling of illegal goods.

Radio Kosova sources say the smuggling is conducted through illegal roads, namely Sharpel in Leposavic, and Tresava, while in Zubin Potok this happens through Banjë. Reportedly, the movement of smuggling trucks is mainly registered after 8 pm.

However, one of the smugglers in the north tells Radio Kosova on condition of anonymity, that the intensity of smuggling has significantly dropped compared to the time before the action of the Kosovo Police in May this year. 

According to him, about 15 vehicles carrying different goods now enter Kosovo illegally daily. He emphasizes that back in the day, millions of euros worth goods circulated through these streets.

"There is lower intensity now, very little work is done. We live here and we have to find a way to survive. You also, work a little bit as we do.  Before the police action, the situation was disastrous, we used to have the private police here, as far as the border police are concerned, we had no problems with them. It was the same with the Northern Region as well as Traffic Police- there were no problems, people did their work.  The main man behind all this was Rado Radosavljevic and his team.”


At the same time, Radio Kosova was provided with documentation carrying the names of smugglers that are currently operating in the north:


Srdjan Vulovic, nicknamed Gene as the most important of the smuggling network, a man close to Milan Radojcic. 

Darko Davic, nicknamed Gjavo from Leposavic, who does the smuggling through Sharpel in Leposavic.

Aleksander Dimitrijevic from Leposavic.

Dragan Denic and Rados Petrovic, also close to Milan Radojcic.

Milan and Milojko Radisavljevic, who are known as Babudovci and operate in Zubin Potok. 

All of the above, according to sources, result in being linked to the police in the north, as the police commander in charge of the shift, places the border police at the points where the next smuggling would take place.

The smuggling usually and mainly takes place in Tresava (where there is no police patrol) and Sharpel of Leposavic. 

As far as Zubin Potok is concerned, the smuggling is done through the village of Banje. A part of the smuggled goods enters South Mitrovica from the north through places like Cerajë, Bistrica, and Cabra. Afterward, it is distributed throughout the whole territory of the country. 



Autor: RTK