My govt will comprise of professionals and people without indictments

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader and candidate for Prime Minister, Kadri Veseli, said in an interview to the news agency today that his party’s electoral ticket includes over 40 young candidates.

“We also have a very qualitative representation of women. What is most important is that the PDK’s list does not include any candidate for MP that has an active indictment on corruption, nepotism or abuse of duty, a pledge that I have made several months ago,” he said.

Veseli said October 6 is not just a voting day, “but a referendum for the future of Kosovo”. “We have to choose whether we want to move firmly in our Euro-Atlantic path, address the real challenges of corruption, nepotism, abuse, failure, and threatening of the state, or if we want to enter dilemmas, conflicts and avoid responsibilities. We are faced with a historic turning point. The Democratic Party of Kosovo always stands out in such times, it has the courage and the best-prepared team to implement the vision of our citizens”.

Veseli said that long before he knew Kosovo would go to early elections, he decided to act against corruption and abuses in the lists of KLA war veterans.

“Long before I knew there would be elections, I decided to relieve from duty persons with indictments for corruption and nepotism. Because I believed that to make changes, we need to start from ourselves,” he said.

Veseli also said “the government I will lead will include young ministers that work for the good of the citizens … It will be a government with ministers without indictments for corruption and nepotism. A small but very efficient government … This government strengthens cooperation with the U.S., the European Union, and free democracies, by bringing in young investors and increasing the competition”.