Veseli presents seven points against corruption

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader and candidate for Prime Minister, Kadri Veseli, presented on Thursday seven points from his anti-corruption plan.

He pledged there will be an anti-corruption bureau with a special structure and in close partnership with the U.S. and the European Union.

The anti-corruption bureau, he said, will be an umbrella organization that will include the special department of the prosecution to fight corruption, the special judicial department against corruption and special judicial police.

Another point Veseli presented is the formation of a fund to confiscate wealth that was created through criminal activities.

“Another initiative relates to the legalization of 350,000 buildings without permits, where billions of euros of usable capital are blocked. This involves citizens that are blackmailed by officials who threaten to bring down their buildings,” he said. Veseli also suggested the formation of a permanent parliamentary committee against corruption which would be led by the biggest opposition party. He also said that his full anti-corruption plan containing 25 concrete points will be presented in the next couple of days.