Kurti: As prime minister I will respect Kosovo’s symbols

Vetevendosje leader and candidate for prime minister, Albin Kurti, said in an interview with Deutsche Welle that he respects Kosovo symbols and will continue to do so if elected prime minister.

“I respect the symbols and institutions in Kosovo and I will respect Kosovo’s flag and anthem as prime minister,” Kurti said from Berlin.

He said that Vetevendosje’s priority will be fighting crime and corruption, economic developments, fighting inequality, building bridges. He said Albanian national unification is something that every Albanian wants but “our top priority will be fighting crime and corruption and employment of youth to replace emigration with employment, replace corruption with justice and discrimination with equality,” he said.

Asked about dialogue with Serbia, Kurti said that Vetevendosje’s priority is Kosovo. “We cannot exist for dialogue with Serbia, Serbia needs to face its past. It owes a lot to Albanians and we have to have the principles of a well-prepared dialogue that would include a review of agreements reached so far, their implementation level and their impact on the reality of Kosovo citizens. Also, we have to look at how Serbia can respond to Kosovo’s demands for reparation of war crimes.”

“There will be dialogue, as prime minister of the Republic of Kosovo I will take the responsibility of dialogue, but I will dialogue with Brussels about dialogue with Serbia,” Kurti said.