Kurti reveals three main pillars of Vetevendosje’s programme

Vetevendosje leader and candidate for prime minister, Albin Kurti, presented today three pillars which he said are aimed at Kosovo’s development during “Fol Hapur” debate in Prishtina.

The first is a rule of law state whereby the prosecution and judiciary would lead an uncompromised fight against corruption.

“This can be achieved through justice reform, through a vetting. The budget for the judiciary and the army is less than 5 percent of the overall budget of Kosovo which will be the case in our governance,” Kurti said.

The second pillar according to Kurti is a development state implying that the state is neither spectator nor dictator of development.

“We will increase the private sector. With the present economic structures, we cannot expect to decrease unemployment. We need to have more vocational schools, connected to the job market.”

The third pillar – social state – includes education, healthcare, pensions, assistance.

“The main focus will be on healthcare as we are the only country without healthcare insurance,” Kurti said.

He said that a development state will fight unemployment, the rule of law state will fight corruption while the social state will fight inequality.