Veseli: We will clean up the justice and police system

Democratic Party of Kosovo (PDK) leader and candidate for Prime Minister, Kadri Veseli, said in an interview to Klan Kosova on Thursday evening that the main point in his government program is the fight against corruption and nepotism and that he will wage this war with the help of many young people that have joined the PDK.

“I will make public calls too, in addition to the exceptional resources of the PDK and the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, where I am confident there are outstanding police officers, prosecutors, and judges that will take this to the end – they need support … We will clean up the justice and police system,” he said.

Veseli said corruption and nepotism are the main obstacles that are hurting the hopes of young people and businesses. “Without overcoming this challenge, we cannot move on to sustainable employment and the development of a strong and competitive economy”.

Veseli said he is not alone in the fight against corruption. “I have nothing personal against anyone, but I will stand against anyone that violates the law. I will not take any actions without coordinating them with the U.S. and the European Union. These are their requests”.

On the import tariff on Serbian products, Veseli said “the Americans asked for a 120-day suspension” and that it was decided in writing, but his partners left him out to dry. “They think they have hurt me, but in reality, they hurt Kosovo and themselves,” he added.

Veseli also said that the United States has never brought up the land swap option between Kosovo and Serbia. “There has been a lot of speculation about the dialogue and they have damaged our relations with the U.S. It is dishonest because the U.S. has never mentioned the option of Kosovo’s partition or land swaps,” he said. “I am the only leader from all political parties that have presented a document on my position and the PDK position on dialogue for over a year now”.

Veseli said he does not fear sitting at the table of talks with Serbian President Vucic.

“I have a million arguments and options compared to him. Why should we allow to be cornered?”

Veseli did not want to comment if he would choose between an Association Plus of Serb-majority municipality or border correction if these were the only two options on the table of talks. “Why should Kosovo choose from a worst-case scenario? There will be no Republika Srpska in Kosovo and they won’t be able to bring up Mitrovica. Their meetings on the sidelines are useless … Kosovo is what we declared on February 17. We will talk to Serbia. The day I got sworn in I will sit down with my American and European partners and clarify my position … I will meet Vucic, even though I never miss seeing him, but because I represent my people, I know the exact reason why I go there and that is UN membership”.