Incoming government may cancel 2020 budget projections

The incoming government of Kosovo may cancel the budget projections for 2020 foreseen by the outgoing government, RFE reports.

Representatives of the parties that have won the October 6 parliamentary elections, the Vetevendosje Movement (VV) and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK), say they will review the 2020-2022 Mid-Term Expenditure Framework drafted by the outgoing government. 

VV senior member Arberie Nagavci told RFE that every government wants to plan and adopt the budget law and address priorities in its government program.

“Bearing in mind that there have been many damaging contracts, and unprincipled interventions in the budget that do not allow for economic development, it is natural to review these projects based on the legislation in power. The legislation leaves room for this and we will most certainly review them,” she said. 

Nagavci also said they expect the certification of election results soon to make way for the formation of the new government and to prevent delays in the adoption of the 2020 budget.

Safet Gerxhaliu, an economy expert, said that it is challenging for an incoming government to implement a draft budget prepared by the outgoing government.

“One of the current challenges in Kosovo is that we have an outgoing government and an incoming government which is expected to be formed by the Vetevendosje Movement and the LDK. One of the key topics in the debate is the 2020 budget,” he said.

“The situation is very unclear … the outgoing government viewed the budget as a means to protect the interests of certain groups and political parties. This has damaged Kosovo”. 

Gerxhaliu said he expects the new government to review the outgoing government’s budget projections for 2020. “If the incoming government wants to show seriousness and professionalism and prove that it wants to work for the interests of the state and not for the interests of certain groups of political parties, it must urgently conduct a review so that the budget can be in the service of development,” he added.