Haradinaj speaks about the reasons of Maxhuni’s resignation

Acting Prime Minister of Kosovo Ramush Haradinaj held a press conference today, where he revealed statistics of his government during the 2017-2019 period.

Haradinaj also spoke about the resignation of the Director of the Kosovo Intelligence Agency (KIA) Shpend Maxhuni. He said Maxhuni has the highest grade on his performance and added that he resigned for health reasons.

“Maxhuni has been on the post of the KIA director since April 2018, so more than a year and a half.  What I can say with competency is that his work was wonderful. I assure you that his work on serving the country is valuable.


Shpend Maxhuni stands high on evaluation grade. His motivation is personal, or a health reason. KIA has a deputy director,” he said.

Haradinaj further spoke about some statistics from the time he governed with Kosovo.

"140 draft laws, 70 bylaws, 256 bylaws issued by ministers, 29 draft laws with direct impact on the economy, 42 decisions have a financial impact, 22 international agreements have been approved, 42 are government decisions, the budget for this year was adopted. The number of employees has increased by 30,348,” he said.