Ramiz Lladrovci invited to the Specialist Chambers

Ramiz Lladrovci, the Mayor of Drenas, becomes the second high profile former Kosovo Liberation Army member to be invited for an interview at the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague this week.

Former MP for the Democratic Party of Kosovo, PDK, and current mayor of Drenas, Ramiz Lladrovci, announced on Friday that he has received an invitation to be interviewed by the Specialist Prosecution Office, part of the Kosovo Specialist Chambers in The Hague, Netherlands. 

The news follows Thursday’s announcement that former Assembly speaker and leader of PDK, Kadri Veseli, has also been called to the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor’s Office in the Hague for questioning.

The so-called ‘Special Court,’ backed by the European Union but operating as part of Kosovo’s justice system, has a mandate to address allegations of war crimes and crimes against humanity in the territory of Kosovo between 1998 and 2000, and grew out of allegations made in an explosive report by Council of Europe rapporteur Dick Marty.