Mustafa asks Serbia not to interfere in Kosovo’s internal affairs

Kosovo’s Acting Minister for Internal Affairs Ekrem Mustafa participated at Salzburg Forum which is being held in Vienna, Austria. 

The meeting has gathered Salzburg Forum members as well as friendly countries, among them Kosovo, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia and Bosnia, and Herzegovina. 

They discussed illegal migration, border control, the war against migrant smuggling and other security matters. 

At the Forum, which is being presided by Austria’s Interior Minister Wolfgang Peschorn, Minister Mustafa stressed the need for cooperation of Western Balkans countries, countries of the migrants’ origin as well as the EU countries. He informed the participating countries on the actions undertaken to manage the flux of migrants, as well as police actions in combating the smuggling of migrants. 

During the Forum, Minister Mustafa had several confrontations with the representative from Serbia, who tried to present the children returned from Syria as terrorists and dangerous for the region and Europe. 

Mustafa requested from the Serbian representative to refrain from untrue statements, which induce hatred and to not interfere with internal matters of Kosovo. 

The Serbian representative remained alone in her failed efforts by telling further falsehoods, as she was no longer given the floor nor support by those present, reports the news portal. 

Minister Mustafa also informed that the return of, 74 children and 32 women from Syria has established a new standard and with this, Kosovo has demonstrated a commitment to its state responsibilities. He also stresses that the operation was highly valued by the U.S., EU, and international organizations. 

The Salzburg Forum is a Central European security partnership based on an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior. Salzburg Forum Member States are Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, and Slovenia. Group of Friends of this Forum are Western Balkan countries and Moldova.