Governing coalition, Isa Mustafa`s ultimatum expires

The Vetevendosje Movement (LVV) and the Democratic League of Kosovo (LDK) continued over the weekend negotiations for forming a new government of Kosovo.

However, the parties did manage to make progress, there is still no agreement in place.
Sources said that the parties are expected to bridge their differences early this week and that the majority of the LDK’s leadership and the parliamentary group have agreed to the proposal of Vjosa Osmani to compensate for the post of Assembly speaker with leading the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

LVV is reported to also have agreed to this proposal. It is not clear however whether such an arrangement would lead to an increase in the number of ministries from the planned 12 to 14.
LDK deputy leader Lutfi Haziri meanwhile said they are still in the process of internal consultations and reiterated the party’s call for a balanced division of powers whereby LVV would lead the government and LDK the Assembly.

“I urge for little more patience,” Haziri wrote on social media. He added that more discussions will the party to eliminate any obstacles or “time bombs” during the four-year mandate.

Haziri also said that the leaders of the two parties will meet as soon as there is internal consolidation.

“Meetings may happen when the leaders consider that the need for internal consultations has been exhausted and there is a need to return to the negotiating table.”
Haziri confirmed to the media that a meeting between LVV’s Albin Kurti and LDK’s Isa Mustafa took place on the weekend. “I cannot comment on the place and the way leaders communicate but the last meeting was of a team format,” he said.
At the same time, LVV spokesperson Arlind Manxhuka said he was not aware of whether there would be any meetings between the leaders of LVV and LDK but did note that the parties agreed to meet in the coming days.