Thaci: Kosovo joins today the remembrance of Holocaust victims

Kosovo President, Hashim Thaci, has used the International Holocaust Day to say that Serbia still denies the crimes that caused the Balkan Holocaust in Bosnia and Kosovo.

Kosovo’s head of the state said it was thought the Holocaust would be unrepeatable, but efforts to exterminate people continued.

“Kosovo joins today the memory of the victims of the Holocaust, a genocidal and monstrous crime that terrified the whole world. After World War II, it was thought that the suffering of millions of cruelly murdered people would turn the Holocaust into an unrepeatable crime for humanity. But the idea and efforts to exterminate people and ethnicities were continued by the Serbian regime in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Kosovo. The massacres and ethnic cleansing resembled those of World War II. And, unfortunately, Serbia continues to deny the crimes that caused the Balkan Holocaust in this part of Europe even today, " Thaci said in a post.