Uta, first Albanian woman to reach the Mount Everest

Uta Ibrahimi, is the first Albanian woman from Kosovo to reach the Mount Everest.

Previously, she has climbed the 4,880m Mount Blanc and reached the 5,925m Ramdug Peak in the Himalayas. Her next challenge was climbing Everest, the world’s highest peak of 8,848m and every climber’s lifetime dream.

Uta Ibrahimi, a Kosovo-Albanian, was the first Albanian picked to undertake this tough challenge due to having the required physical and psychological condition.

The announcement was made by the Tirana-based Dajti Alpine-Tourist Association on March 8, the International Women’s Day, as part of the ‘Albanian Woman in Everest’ project that is expected to conclude next November when Albania marks its 105th anniversary of independence.

Some 500 women have climbed Everest so far since 1975 with Japan’s Tamae Watanabe, aged 73 in 2012, becoming the oldest woman atop Everest.