Kosovo to open tenders for solar park projects soon - minister

Kosovo will soon start calling tenders for construction of photovoltaic (PV) parks, the ministry of economic development has said.

The approximate total value of investment in solar power plant projects expected to be submitted in those tenders is 100 million euro ($116 million), Kosovo minister of economic development Valdrin Lluka said in a statement on Thursday.

The first PV plant in Kosovo was installed by Slovenian engineering company Rudis in 2015, the ministry said earlier./SEEnews 

Some 98% of electricity generated in Kosovo comes from two old, inefficient and highly polluting lignite-fired power plants, Kosovo A and B. Kosovo citizens suffer power shortages due to insufficient output, aging grids, and thefts. Imports account for about 10% of electricity supply, according to a recent World Bank report on Kosovo's energy sector.