Is an international network of tech-journalists from European countries. Our membership is multinational.

Our main objective is to improve communication between the European technology journalists and the general public by promoting and defending the free flow of information both within journalistic community and to the audience through the news and information media.

The mass media and international organizations are our main partners and donors. Public Radiotelevision of Kosovo (RTK) is our first supporter. They have provided us for free a fully equipped office in RTK building in the city center in Prishtina. The office will be used as the seat of our organization, as well as the place of our digital audiovisual and textual exchange platform and our archives. All ETNG members have free and unlimited access in our digital audiovisual and textual exchange platform and our archives materials, for the purpose of their full and/or partial publication in their respective media.

The ETNG shall also, within its budgetary limits, in a transparent manner, support its members, as follows:

By providing a filming crew for ETNG

members reporting from international technology events

By providing accommodation for ETNG

members during the international technology events

By encouraging improved services

in all forms of communications so that the reporting of technology events shall be reliable, speedy and accurate.

We will co-operate with technology event organizers so as to ensure that
journalists have the best facilities in the covering of events.

Through our website,

That is currently under construction, and other means of global and regional communication for disseminating information about advances, achievements, opportunities, and trends in technology journalism, as well as current issues, problems, and threats to the field and its practitioners.

ETNG annually shall make awards for different technology categories, including: Mobile Devices, Gadgets, Hi Fi Devices, Web site, Online Marketing Campaign, IT products, Innovations, Software Products, Energy Efficiency Solution of the Year and Best Automobile of the Year. “ETNG Awards” are chosen annually by Expert Groups representing nearly 30 prominent Tech-journalist from all European countries. These prizes will be awarded to the winners, during a international technology event, such as IFA in Berlin.

Our other objectives are:

To provide media support for covering international technology events.

To facilitate and encourage professional development, networking, and education for technology journalists everywhere in Europe.

To establish and maintain professional standards in technology journalism and communication and foster the dissemination of accurate information regarding technology, through all media normally devoted to informing the public; and shall foster the interpretation of technology and science and its meaning to society, in keeping with the highest standards of journalism.

To promote and foster the professional interests of all our members.

To promote and maintain a high professional standard among journalists who focus in technology in all its branches and to serve their interests.

To co-operate with other technology journalism bodies.

Promote social interaction among members.