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Suhareka Police Operation
Suhareka Police Operation
Kosovo Police arrested the fifth person suspected for participating in the smuggling of narcotics-a case discovered by the police in February this year.
 POSLALI 21:52 / 9.9.2009 
Avdullah R. born in 1975 was arrested in a cafe at the center of Suhareka (a town in southern Kosovo) ina an operation conducted by the special unit of Kosovo police.
The data for the identity of the suspect were given to the police by the Board against organized crime, respectively the central sector for the investigation of narcotics. The operation was conducted quietly under the warrant issued from the Kosovo Prosecution. The police has sufficient proof that this is the person it has been looking for.
The police has also searched the suspect’s home but failed to find any additional profs that could confirm the suspicions.
The suspect will be brought to trial soon, in a session which will determine the length of his time in captivity.
The Central Sector for the Investigation of Narcotics has arrested four other persons in February this year, caught in possession of 16 kg of heroin which was, as suspected, destined for dealing. Coded under the name Rambuille, the operation was conducted in the Prizren region. In the operation, apart from narcotics, the police also confiscated an amount of weapons.


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