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Circus show bring smiles back to children of camps in Mitrovica
Circus show bring smiles back to children of camps in Mitrovica
Roma and Ashkali children attended what was probably the first circus performance of their life, in the Kosovo capital today.
 POSLALI 22:31 / 9.9.2009 
A joint initiative of the Italian Embassy in Prishtina and Kosovo’s Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with the Kosovo Agency for Development brought smiles back to the faces of children of the Roma and Ashkali camp in the Mitrovica region, making it possible for them to attend the circus performance, probably for the first time in their lives, in the capital Prishtina. Children had the opportunity to enjoy animal choreography and acrobatic performances of the Italian Circus “Embellriva”, who is on a 20 day visit in the city. The circus came back to Kosovo for the first time since the 80’s thus bringing joy back to those who know what the colorful tents are all about as well as for those who experience it for the first time.
The Italian Ambassador in Kosovo Michael Giffon and Kosovo Minister of Culture Valton Beqiri expressed their satisfaction for being able to make the children happy through this initiative and to aid them in forgetting the hardship of their life in isolation at least for a day. At the same time, officials expressed their belief that this act is a step forward to the youngsters’ integration in the Kosovo society.The show was attended by over 200 children of these communities.


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Nė Beograd sot shpall vendimin gjyqėsor pėr 17 shqiptarė tė akuzuar
 12:40 / 19.09.2012 
Sektori i Gjykatės sė Lartė pėr Krime tė Luftės nė Serbi, do tė shpallė sot vendimin gjyqėsor pėr 17 shqiptarė – shtatė prej tyre nė arrati - tė akuzuar si pjesėtarė tė UĒK, tė cilėt ngarkohen pėr krime kundėr civilėve serbė, tė kryera kinse nga qers...
Kosovo prepared for the ICJ
 20:47 / 18.9.2009 
Kosovo is well prepared for its presentation before the International Court of Justice where on December 1, 2009 the hearing sessions on the case for the legacy of the declaration of Kosovo’s independence will begin.
US Ambassador Dell optimistic for Kosovo’s Euro-Atlantic Integration
 20:41 / 18.9.2009 
The representative of the world’s most powerful state for Kosovo, Christopher Dell said today that the dream of Kosovars for the Euro -Atlantic integration is not impossible.
The Residency of the Kosovo Catholic Cathedral "Mother Teresa" officially open
 19:16 / 11.9.2009 
The residency of the Kosovo Archbishopric, respectively the Pastoral Center of the “Mother Teresa” Catholic Cathedral which is being built in the Kosovo capital was inaugurated today.
Ahtisaari disappointed with EU countries on Kosovo issue
 18:30 / 11.9.2009 
The former envoy on Kosovo status, Marti Ahtisaari stated that he is disappointed that Kosovo has not been recognized by all EU countries. The Nobel prize winner said that Europe shouldn’t tolerate “frozen conflicts”.
Kosovo Police received no invitation to become part of the EULEX-Serbia protocol Security Conference
 18:29 / 11.9.2009 
During the regular weekly conference on Security, officials of Kosovo Police stated today that they haven’t yet received any request to become part of the protocol between EULEX and Serbia while the signing of the protocol doesn’t depend ...
Suhareka Police Operation
 21:52 / 9.9.2009 
Kosovo Police arrested the fifth person suspected for participating in the smuggling of narcotics-a case discovered by the police in February this year.
Kosovo and Turkey signed an agreement for cooperation in the field of health
 22:09 / 8.9.2009 
Kosovo Minister of Health, Alush Gashi and government officials of Republic of Turkey, singed today in the Turkish capital Ankara the agreement for reciprocal cooperation in the field of health.
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