Germany extends military mission in Kosovo

Governing cabinet of the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has approved the extension of the mandate of the German Bundeswehr within KFOR in Kosovo. 

A press release issued by the cabinet stresses that Germany will continue to support the building of the Republic of Kosovo in the social and economic plan, in the manner it has been doing since 1999.”

In principal, the mandate of the German Bundeswehr in Kosovo is unlimited, and for procedural reasons, it is endorsed every year. 

The same happened on Wednesday on the 19 anniversary of the engagement of German soldiers in Kosovo. 

“Despite the calm situation in Kosovo, there is still a possibility of an escalation of the situation and conflict in the north of the Republic of Kosovo,” is written in the press release.

“NATO’s international military presence continues to be required in Kosovo. KFOR’s presence is very important to guarantee peace and stability in Kosovo. The mandate of German soldiers in KFOR continues to remain almost unchanged,” is written in the decision of the German government.