Brnabic: Situation in Kosovo must be discussed at Security Council

Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, said on Tuesday that the situation in Kosovo needs to be discussed at the United Nations Security Council as has been the case so far.

She told the Radio Television of Serbia that there are many things Serbia can do with regards to “London’s attempt to prevent a regular session at the UN Security Council about the situation in Kosovo”. 

“We are certainly continuing our diplomatic efforts and we are talking to our permanent allies in the Security Council, so we will see how the issue develops,” she said. 

Brnabic also said that the current United States administration has a better understanding of Serbia’s position. “In my brief career in politics, it often seemed to me that I didn’t have interlocutors that were willing to hear our position, and it was like talking to a wall. Now, however, there is an administration that seems to be open and willing to listen to us and this is a great change,” Brnabic added.