Haradinaj: EU needs to step up visa liberalization process

Kosovo Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj said today that the European Union needs to step up the visa liberalization process for Kosovo.

After meeting Finish diplomats in Prishtina this morning, Haradinaj took to Facebook to note: “When they take over the chairmanship of the EU Council on July 1, we strongly believe that our ally, Finland, will continue to be Kosovo’s voice in European Union structures. I met this morning with Finish ambassadors and diplomats from the region and informed them in detail about the Government’s concrete steps in strengthening rule of law, the implementation of overall reforms and Kosovo’s European agenda. I have reiterated that the EU needs to include fast in its agenda the issue of visa liberalization, as an irreversible, merited and fair process. With Germany’s clear position on the matter, we are confident that Finland too will support our country in concluding this process at an optimal period”.