337 recruits join Kosovo Security Force

The ceremony of certification for 337 recruits to the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) took place at the “Adem Jashari” barracks in Prishtina today.

On the occasion, KSF Commander Rrahman Rama urged the recruits to demonstrate maximum engagement in the transitioning process into an army.

“FSK is a credible and multiethnic force, ready to contribute to peace. The transition has started based on the new mandate for the protection of the country’s sovereignty,” said Rama.

Defence Minister Rrustem Berisha said at the same time that KSF has a diverse structure and that among the new arrivals, 52 are women and 22 from the non-majority communities.

“There is no nobler duty than to serve the country and contribute to preserving peace and security. You are fortunate because you belong to the first generation of soldiers joining the KSF with a new military mandate. Always honor the KSF uniform and the homeland,” Berisha said adding that KSF’s strategic goal is to join NATO.